Attorney Łukasz Staszel graduated in law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia. For almost the entire period of studies, he cooperated with law firms, law firm offices and bailiffs’ offices.

Already during his studies, he established permanent cooperation with a non-public higher school by undertaking work in its legal department. Then, he started running a business in the field of legal advisory in which he supported the activities of entrepreneurs from various industries, such as:

  • building
  • Automotive
  • gastronomy
  • hotel services,
  • and many more.

In the scope of his business, he also cooperated with law firms and attorneys at law.

He completed his attorney training at the District Bar Council in Katowice. After completing the bar examination, he was entered into the list of advocates of the ORA Katowice and began his professional practice as part of his lawyer’s office.

Attorney Łukasz Staszel is also an academic teacher. He teaches in the field of civil law, contracts in business, public commercial law and administrative proceedings. He is the author of scientific publications in the field of civil law and public commercial law.