I specialise in providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs, I mainly handle commercial, civil and labour law cases. My clients include commercial law companies, individual entrepreneurs, partners in civil partnerships and non-business persons. I also provide legal services to foreign entrepreneurs and Polish companies with foreign capital. Seeking the best solutions for my clients, I cooperate with qualified lawyers specialising in various areas of law. I have also been an academic teacher for 10 years. I teach in the areas of civil law, labour law, contracts in business, public commercial law and administrative proceedings. I am also the author of scientific publications in the above fields.

I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia. During almost the whole period of my studies I cooperated with law firms, legal counsellors’ offices and a bailiff’s office. Already during my studies I established permanent cooperation with a non-public university by taking up a job in its legal department. Subsequently, I also started a business in the field of legal consultancy.

I completed my legal training at the Bar Association in Katowice. After passing the bar exam, I was entered on the list of attorneys of the Bar Association of Katowice and began practising law in the barristers’ chambers which I run. I also provide legal assistance within the established cooperation – Consortium of Law Firms Sadowski & Staszel, legal counsel Dr Tomasz Sadowski, advocate Łukasz Staszel (attorney-at-law).

I have over 10 years of experience working in the legal department of the University, including 5 years of experience in coordinating the work of this department. In addition, I have several years’ experience as a commercial law company’s independent  proxy.