Offer of the law firm

The offer is addressed to both business entities and individual clients as part of our operations:

  • we replace clients in front of courts and public administration bodies,
  • we provide legal advice, including urgent matters – by phone and by e-mail,
  • we prepare and review draft agreements, agreements, settlements, statements,
  • we prepare and review draft internal legal acts of commercial law companies, cooperatives, associations, foundations and others,
  • we collect debts – at the judicial and pre-litigation stage,
  • we participate in ongoing negotiations
  • we issue legal opinions,
  • we submit reports and other documentation in proceedings before the departments of the National Court Register, including electronically (also for foreigners).

The Law Firm’s offer includes cases in the scope of:

  • commercial and commercial law

    The Law Firm has experience in the creation of commercial law companies as well as providing related services, including with transformations of entrepreneurs and commercial law companies, creation of branches of enterprises, branches and representative offices of foreign enterprises. The Law Office also deals with matters relating to the liability of members of the management board, matters related to appealing against resolutions, registry matters, unfair competition cases and many others.

  • civil law

    The Law Firm undertakes to handle cases concerning real estate or related claims for damages and compensation. The law office deals with:
    – for payment,
    – inheritance,
    – for the abolition of joint ownership,
    – in the field of protection of property and possession,
    – for establishing easement,
    – for prescription,
    – for incapacitation,
    – for the protection of personal rights and many more.

    The Law Office also offers legal representation at the enforcement stage.

  • labor and social insurance law

    We represent both employees and employers in all employee matters, we design contracts, regulations, orders, statements. We also support in the proceedings before the Social Insurance Institution and in court proceedings pending as a result of an appeal against the decisions of pension bodies – on subject to social insurance, the right to a retirement pension, bridging pension, etc.

  • criminal law

    Attorney Staszel undertakes to defend Clients at the stage of pre-trial proceedings and
    in court proceedings. Both in criminal cases and in cases of misdemeanors. We handle cases of prosecution and prosecution. We prepare necessary procedural documents and appeals as part of the proceedings.
    The Law Firm also undertakes to conduct fiscal matters.

  • family and guardianship law

    We offer cases for divorce, separation, alimony, settlement of contact with a child,
    for establishing paternity, for denying paternity, for limiting / suspending / declining parental authority, for splitting common property and many more.

  • copyright and industrial property

    The Law Office develops and gives opinions on agreements transferring proprietary rights or license agreements. We also provide legal representation in cases of infringement of creator rights and we conduct cases in the claims of collective rights management organizations.

  • administrative law

    We replace the parties in proceedings before public administration bodies, we draft legal remedies and letters during the proceedings, we replace clients before Provincial Administrative Courts and before the Supreme Administrative Court.

  • public procurement law

    We support Contractors and Awarding Entities in proceedings conducted on the basis of the PPL, we prepare legal means provided by law, we replace clients in proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeal.

  • law on higher education and science

    Law Firm attorney Łukasz Staszel has extensive experience in the legal aspects of the functioning of higher education institutions, offering support in creating internal documentation of the university – including the statute and regulations, preparation of draft agreements and in the field of solving current problems of the university – including individual student matters, employee matters university employees and issues related to procedures for awarding academic degrees. In addition, we offer defense in disciplinary matters to accused students and academic teachers.

  • enforcement proceedings

    We offer support at the stage of enforcement proceedings, we prepare execution requests, we represent creditors and debtors in the course of enforcement proceedings.

  • restructuring law and bankruptcy law

  • legalizing the stay and work of foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Poland

  • protect personal data

  • disciplinary liability of doctors

Law Firm’s salary:

The remuneration of the Law Office is determined individually, each time the case is accepted. The Law Office applies transparent accounting principles.

The basis for determining the remuneration is an individual contract concluded with the client and the current Regulation of the Minister of Justice regarding fees for advocate activities.

In the contract with the Law Firm, it may be determined that part of the remuneration depends on the decision in the case (success fee), depending on the arrangements with the client it is also possible to apply an hourly rate (eg when ordering a legal opinion).

The Law Firm’s salary does not include court fees and stamp duties.